197,000+ NURSES (APNs and RNs) in ILLINOIS

Nursing is the largest licensed professional group in the State, with hundreds of nurses living in each of the 59 Senate Districts in Illinois.  Nursing is the most trusted profession, and has held that title for many years.

It is now time to take advantage of the TRUST by making nursing’s voice heard in each and every part of the State!

The Plan:  Involve all nursing organizations, get input from nurses across the state and deepen our ties with our legislators.

The Purpose: To coordinate working together to create one voice of nursing, supporting priorities, while at the same time, maintaining separate identity.


  • Read the Rules 
  • Please send your comments/concerns to Susan Swart at syswart@isapn.com by November 15th.
  • Should you decide to submit your comments directly to IDFPR per the instructions in the first notice – please send us a copy. 

Stop Workplace Violence #ENDNURSEABUSE

The time to act is now. Insist that HB 4100 cover all healthcare workers, become a stand alone bill, and provide clear guidelines for the development of workplace violence protection plans.

Illinois General Assembly Dashboard

Interested in what is happening in Springfield? The Illinois General Assembly Dashboard is an easy way to find out about what is happening in Springfield on a given day.


Important Committees:
Health Care Licenses Committee – House of Representatives
Licensed Activities & Pensions Committee – Senate